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What are some contest you peeps have entered and won?

I won an original Xbox from Taco Bell back when they did that give away when it came out. So I had 2 original Xboxes when it was released cause I also bought one at launch. Ended up selling the Taco Bell one on Ebay for $500.

I later won Azurik: Rise of Perethia for original Xbox from IGN.

No luck since then. : - Dayman
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Back when Cartoon Network Friday's (I think that's the name of the show) was on, I won the custom walkie talkies you had to call in to win. They had the Friday's logo on the speaker cover.

Also, this kid in my school won the Lego Bionicle Golden Mask that Toonami had you call in to win also. I asked him a number of years later if he still had it and he said he accidentally donated it to Good Will. - _ -

Other than like small stuff through Bingo games at my church, there hasn't been much luck for me either.

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I won the Disney Infinity Toy Box Challange twice now. The first is called "Giant Castle" and the second is "Frozen Cave Maze". You can see them on YouTube. Just search "Disney Infinity Giant Castle" or "Disney Infinity Frozen Cave Maze" and they should be titled "DISNEY INFINITY Frozen cave maze (featured toy box)" and the other "DISNEY INFINITY Giant Castle (featured toy box)"

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Despite signing up for them regularly, I've never won a contest. -_-


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I have come out with several contest prizes from the internet. Most of them are eshop games from small random contests

I guess the "notable" one would be the Flipper (DSiWare) contest here in NL. I got a physical box for the game with a points card to buy it.

The most recent one was from Natsume, I won a Hometown Story plush doll for making a comic edit on tumblr.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I won a DS Lite from a contest on a Hot Dog packet. It was awesome! I also entered a Gogurt contest a few times for a super vacation or something. One time when I entered it said "You Won..." and I was freaking out, but then I read further and it said "... a pair of aviator sunglasses!". It took months before I got them and they look completely stupid on me.

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I usually don't enter contests, but....

When I was six, a grocery store was holding a drawing contest for a large Pokemon cereal cardboard cutout/display thing, you had to draw your favourite pokemon. I drew Squirtle and I won it. I still have it in my attic. It might be worth something someday.

In high school I won the Christmas raffle. I won a school sweater.

When i applied to college, I got to enter a contest for a chance to win one of ten ipads... the draw is in April, so I'll see how that turns out. I probably won't get it.



When Pokemon was on the wb network(CW) They had a contest with some toys as the prizes. I read the rules and they sayd you can enter as many times as you want. So I just sign up over and over.
I ended up winning the first prize & grand prize. They both came in the same box. I guess not that many people entered.

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IDK if this counts but I won my 8th grade poetry contest and spelling award.

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Last summer, I won a collectable glass set from Pepsi from their "Iconic Summer" promotion they were having at the time.

Other than that, I never have any luck with these sorts of things (many years ago, during another soda promotion, can't remember which company, they were giving out sports ball caps, I won, but never got it because they supposedly ran out...).

I much prefer points programs, like Club Nintendo & My Coke Rewards.


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I kicked the smart kids' butts at Brain Twister during this year's School Intramurals, and Scrabble last year.
I won a box of chocolates for the former.

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I was a grand prize winner for gamestop's seeing is believing sweepstakes, I won a 3ds with a flex case and 500 dollar gamestop gift card



I was a runner up in NintendoLife's Castlevania contest over a year ago. Got myself a pretty cool Mirror of Fate poster, even though I still haven't played the game...

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i used to be in a low rider bicycle club waaay back in the day, i got 2nd place for street custom bike and they said my bike was kept real clean. lol

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Back when I was a kid a local convenience store had a coloring contest which I won. I got like a $20 gift certificate from them which I ended up spending on a bunch of candy.

I also won the Player's Poll contest in the 100th issue of Nintendo Power and got a really cool tshirt as a prize. Sad thing is I never wore it cause back when I was growing up you would get beat up and called a nerd if you were video game tshirts or any type of clothing related to video games funny how times change. Anyway I keep it in my dresser drawer for years then I don't know what happened to it cause it just sort of disappeared which makes me sad now. I think it was when I was moving around alot after high school and it either got mixed up with an old roommate or got donated to Goodwill. I would check places like ebay for one but I know they will probably go for a fortune since only 100 were made.

Not sure it this counts but I won a free month of Xbox Live Gold from the Xbox contest McDonalds was running a few months ago.
Also won some food prized from over the years playing the McDonalds Monopoly games.

That's about all I can remember.

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I won a Veggietales lunch box kit at a Christian store. My mom entered me into a drawing, then she said I won, and I didn't even know.

That was the only contest I remember winning, and I didn't even enter myself. I used to try alot of contests, but I didn't really care to win free stuff after a while.


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