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Hello I’m Manuel,

I’m a multi-instrumentalist: vocalist, guitarist, pianist. Though I consider myself mainly to be a vocalist. In reality, though, I’m more a composer, using whatever instrument to ‘speak’ with.

I studied flamenco guitar at the Rotterdam Conservatory along with minoring in world music composition, musical theater, and world music singing.

I love transcribing music: I’ve transcribed a lot of video game music. Mainly the Zelda and Mario series. Usually I transcribe stuff because no sheet music is available for the music I want to play/analyze.

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I consider myself a drummer and a guitar player, and a bass player by default. Everyone is a vocalist in my opinion. I don't have any real schooling or anything, I just love music, playing, writing, listening to, and recording.

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Dang, I was going to make this thread I'm a guitar player, mostly fingerstyle. I've also fumbled my way around a bass now and again.

I actually enjoy transcribing more than playing sometimes, so I don't record and post up covers often.

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I play the baritone... This thing


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I... I can play the flute.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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I like to play jazz! I play the keyboard saxophone, and bass. I'm actually currently recording a song with mixcraft.

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I play the turtle shells, think of it as playing bongos but with a full tummy. n_n

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I've been playing guitar for 3 years now

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I play the Trombone. My username in no way gives that away. I've been playing for 7 years and the top player at my high school and while I do have some talent I wish I could feel like that's something to brag about. Since the end of my Freshman year I've aspired to one day perform in VGM production and perhaps form a performance band that specializes in VGM shows (thanks to SMG2's absolutely stellar soundtrack) .

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Since you brought up musicians...

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I play the piano. I mostly play songs from video games. My favorite piece to play being the lost woods. I enjoy playing classical pieces too. I'm also learning how to play the guitar.... I might switch to the violin though.


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Hey, I'm what you would call a musician, haha! Even though I've had no formal musical training, I play bass and a little guitar. I'm currently involved in... four separate musical ventures, haha. One is called Everrest and is a drone/ambient band in the vein of Cult of Luna/ISIS, another is called RAGEWOLF and is a sort of parody of hardcore music, another upcoming band is called Lifebro and is a sort of modern hardcore band, and my solo 'project' is called World 1-2, an ambient chiptune-esque sort of thing. The only one I have a link for right now is World 1-2, but if any of you fancy listening, it's here:

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if rapping and actually being on cds that get sold in stores count than yes.
but lately ive been getting tired of that atmosphere

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