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I have things and changes I want for Pokemon Sword and Shield:

1: Liza and Charla return keep the pink bow as Charizard’s new female gender.
2: Teenage formes for Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur, much like Alolan formes.
3: custom costumes for Pokemon
4: PC app.
5: Mewtwo’s fire and fairy counterparts like Latios and Latias
6: Rubot (orb) and Saphbot (cube) with stands and arms
7: new teen Blonde panthers would stand like nidoqueen and nidoking
8: red small dragon that looks like charizard with yellow lines on its head.
9: new teen gray wolf Pokemon who can stand like a human.
10: Super Evolutions, much like Mega evolutions, for Charizard (glows gold like a super Saiyan), mewtwo (glows yellow), and Lucario (Glows gold and it’s ears will go upright while glowing yellow)
11: Type gems return with a capsule that access Super Evolution.
12: Mega evolutions return with new ones.
13: Z-Moves return
14: 3 new eeveelutions
15: Paralell evolutions.
16: A teen yellow cat Pokemon who can stand like a human.



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