Topic: So when are you going to put DSi Section into Retro Section?

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I was just wondering, and since the 3DS has been up for a while and the front tabs^^ are only going to get more crowded with Wii U Ware and Wii U VC. When your going to delete the DSi Section and put DSi into Retro Section.



There are still some upcoming DS games like Kirby: mass attack, Professor Layton the spectre's call and Shin megami tensei: devil survivor 2 but the DS releases will slow down so they will probably put it in the retro section sometime next year. Also, wii U vc will probably be the same as wii vc but with some added consoles like Gamecube, Sega Saturn, dreamcast and maybe later arcade games from the 90's and 2000's so they probably won't need a new section for that.

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Besides, new DSiWare is released every week.

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I know that there is still DSiWare and DSi Games being released but it's rly toning down and there's only a couple games left, so



When it's retro. Generally a console that's still being manufactured isn't retro, and when there are a few high-profile games out for it this year — Prof. Layton, Kirby Mass Attack etc. — it certainly isn't retro.

It'll be years before it's classed as retro in my eyes: it takes more than a console successor to make something retro, you know


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@ToadFan yeah, the increasing number of tabs have been a major issue for us over the past 12 months as you can imagine. We're currently planning and starting work on the next design for Nintendo Life which, amazingly, probably won't have tabs in the same way we have them now. We still want to provide a way to filter content by a particular system so need to keep that, but the menu/user interface will certainly be different!

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