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Forgive me if this suggestion has already been made, but I'm afraid I don't have the time to scroll all 100 pages of suggestions.

Perhaps a private messaging system would be possible? While tagging users in posts and the comments make it a bit easier, I think a private messaging system would be great. For instance, I'd rather send a single person my Nintendo Network ID/ 3DS Friendcode, rather than having to share it to an entire forum.

Just a thought. And again, if there is a policy on this and if a similar thread has been made, please point me to all appropriate policy pages.

Thanks! Keep it Classy.

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I would still like to push the idea of a messaging system for this site for a few reasons. It would cut down on time, a person wouldn't have to check two different sites to talk to the same people. Wouldn't need to make an account somewhere else just to message people from Nintendo Life, and lastly NL is very 3DS browser friendly, so for the people that just want to talk to a friend or two without filling forums with pointless conversations, it would be ideal.
(Swapnote does not seem like a proper substitute for a messaing system.)

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Thanks for the suggestion, there are many issue with having private messages between users, such as spammers and bullying/abuse. At the moment we don't have plans to introduce this, however that could change in the future!

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