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I am intersted in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. I have not played the original Golden Sun games. What do you think? I could really enjoy it still? Thanks.


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I have not played the original games, but i enjoyed Dark Dawn. You can find books inside the game that will tell you the stories of the previous games, and read the story on internet. If you like RPGs buy it:)


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This game is very kind to newcomers. A lot of terms that may not be familiar are highlighted, and link you to summary sheets, etc. explaining everything you need to know. The story follows the kids of the original cast, so it is a new adventure that won't really spoil anything. In a sense, you could say that you would be learning along with them.


Yes, but regardless of what Intrepid saying being true, I'd still recommend the first 2 games over it. They're just much better made JRPGs, mainly because the amount of text and dialogue is mostly reasonable (and from my own experience, it's not fun reading all the text explaining every single thing from previous games).

But Dark Dawn is still quite good.

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You can play DD without having played the other two. i did, lol.

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Never played Golden Sun before,and Dark Dawn was my first foray into the series,and I really enjoyed it.

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