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Well, which one do want on the DSi ware the most? For me its electroplankton cos I never tried it before and it looks alot of fun

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I don't know, are each like 200 points? Or is it 5 in 1? It would suck if each was 200 points, I played electroplancton (downloaded)
and wth was that? srsly some moving cells making music doesent make sence at all and Game & watch are just old NES & old Nintendo games, that sucks to! But you know i kinda liked the music on Electorplancton, though it does not make sence at all!

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I'm looking forward to the Game & Watch series. I think it's a great idea and really suited to the DSi.

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I was hoping the G&W were like a 5 in 1 too but I think they are 200 points each. And I love games that make no sense!

Last night I looked up at the stars and thought "Where the hell is my roof gone!?!"


Game & Watch

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Depends on how much Electroplankton cost. If its buy the individual downloads Ill prob just import it.

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I'm torn. I really want both but for G&W only a few select ones (some don't seem worth 200 as their charm runs out quickly it seems) and Electroplankton would be my first time experiencing it so for that reason I think I'll say EP.





Electroplankton sounds like fun to me.

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There are one or two clasic game and watch games I wouldnt mind, but it would be nice if they had the optionof playing the original game or an enhanced game like the GBC and GBA game and watch collections did.
Other than that im sure I will pick up a couple of electroplancton games as ive heard the retail version is good if not a little too expensive.

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I want both. Hearing about the possibility of both of them being released in the eu finally convinced me to buy a dsi.

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You'll be sorely dissapointed by both. G&W and Electroplankton are really short and not really worth coming back to (especially since you can't save music in electroplankton)

BUT, then again, being 200 points, it'll be a good cheap way to stock up on Club Nintendo coins.



Yes, both G&W and Electroplankton are short, but they are still very fun! I would definitely pick up "Game & Watch: Donkey Kong Jr."! Electroplankton is one of my favorite games of all times. There ISN'T any point to it, that's why it's fun. If they bring this to DSiWare, I'm going to be the first one to get it!



Unless I can save my music in the Electroplanktons, I'd rather just look for the full DS game (which is probably dirt-cheap now).

So my answer is: Game & Watch. There's a few G&W games I remembered from G&W Gallery on the GBC that I'd love to play again (Helmet FTW!), plus it brings us one step closer to a full-fledged handheld VC!


I LOVE Electroplankton! I'll make a video of 'Tracy' soon mixed in with some of my dance choreography. You REALLY can get creative with the them!



Does Nintendo sell drugs with Electroplankton or do we have to buy them seperately?



Electroplankton is fantastic, but I certainly can see that some users are going to download one of the individual parts for 200 points and be very disappointed. I won't be, as I can play that game just about endlessly, but if it isn't your kind of thing and you just download one piece of it to try out it in isolation (and if it isn't one of the more complex pieces), you may feel cheated. But I won't

In my case, day one purchase for any Elektroplankton bits... except for the microphone voice morphing part, maybe, that one is a little dull. Can't wait to play with those tadpole thingies bouncing off plants again, though. We need more musical toys for DSiWare.

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