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hi, this might sound like an odd question, but you know how when you open up your DS and highlight a game on the menu, there's an animated icon/gif file that shows up on the top screen? for example, when you highlight zelda: a link between worlds, you see the master sword on a podium, and it shines. for mario kart 7, it's mario in his kart and he spins. well, i'm starting a blog to review games, and i want to find a way to use the files containing these images. the 3 i'm starting with are zelda: a link between worlds, theatrhythm final fantasy, which has a carousel platform with cloud and a chocobo spinning, and mario kart 7.

i can try to be more clear if needed, but i hope this made sense? there just has to be a file with these images somewhere, but google search shows nothing, and it would look crappy to film the screen with my cam and make my own gif. thanks in advance - also, i have to go somewhere, but i'll be back in a few hours to check on this thread, so i won't reply right away



I think the best way to get those animations is with a capture card. That way it looks extremely clear, and you can make a gif file out of that. Plus, with a capture card, you can record video for your reviews, and that may help your review blog

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To correct you a little, I don't think they are images. It is an actual 3D scene.



thanks for your replies! feel free to correct away, i thought they were gif's, but that makes sense ^^

i considered a capture card, but they're just too darn expensive. it's a good idea, tho! i was really hoping that maybe someone had them up on a site or something, or nintendo made them available somewhere



Some are plain images

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