Topic: 5/4/09 NA Predictions

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New predictions:

WW: Bubble Bobble Plus
DSi: Pop Plus: Solo, Real Football 09
VC: Earthworm Jim 2 (this category is hard to predict!)

Tomena Sanner: Because dancing businessmen are awesome.


Wiiware- Cave Story, Swords and Soldiers, or Eduardo the Samurai Toaster
VC- Super Smash Bros (just because)
DSi- Pop +

Personally, as long as it isn't crap, I'm fine with whatever comes out. As long as it is interesting.

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WiiWare: Adventure Island: The Beginning or Texas Hold'Em
VC: Clayfighter or Galaxy Force 2 or Secret Command
DSi: Art Style: Decode and Real Soccer 2009


what I Want
WW: cave story or swords and solders
VC: Final Fantasy anything
DSi: I don't own a DS so I could really care less
what i think we'll get
WW. some low ranking puzzle or party game
VC:another master system game that I've never herd of.
DSi: dont care

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WW: No clue
VC: Final Fantasy
DSiWare: Don't have one so don't care

You shouldn't have done that.


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Alright guys, tomorrow is Monday and hopefully we get something really good this time and i mean something good since its May now!!

Only around 19-20 hrs to go, lolz. xD

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well Icarian: Kindred Spirits and Overturn just got there esrb rating so you never know maybe monday



How many VC games do we have? I'm thinking we'll get Majora's Mask for the big 300 so I'm just wondering.

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I'm just hoping for goods in the DSiWare compartment, because it doesn't have much so far and I feel bad, so hopefuly Nintendo will look harder.

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