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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to everybody,

As most of you have no-doubt realised we're based in the UK and therefore all the dates/times displayed on the site are in reference to GMT/BST - UK local time.

Because we've now amassed a large audience outside of the UK (mainly North America, Central Europe and Australia) we've added some timezone support to the website - you'll have to be logged in to use it though.

Once logged in, go to your profile and select a new timezone from the list provided, then as-if-by-magic all the times on the website should be in your local time.

Obviously we need YOUR help testing this feature so please try it, let us know here of any problems - including missing time-zones.

Good luck!

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Posting at 8:09 AM.

EDIT: Seems to be a few seconds behind (or maybe that's just my computer), but that's nothing to worry about. Thanks Ant!

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@Chibi Link,

I appreciate that some of the abbreviations aren't quite the international codes - these are just what PHP provides.. I'll see what I can do to change them tho, I've already changed the 'Australian Eastern Standard Time' label in the profiles.

As for DST, everything should be DST aware for those named regions (ie, you won't have to change anything). At the moment the UK is in BST and therefore it shows BST not GMT - but that'll automatically change later in the month.

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Nice one Ant, works a treat. I was in Central America a minute ago, I'm back now.



Great Idea ! Another reason I like this site.



9:12 CDT. Works here!

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About bloody time.



Doesn´t work for me. No option between. I´m from sweden.

Here´s what the different options show..
Uk = 1 hour late
Eastern = 1 hour ahead
Western = 1 hour late
Moscow = 2Hours ahead

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lz2009 wrote:

9:12 CDT. Works here!

Same for me, 'cept it's 4:05. I'm very glad this was implemented. Thanks much, Ant!

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w00t, posting in EST

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@pHaT-aNt_ And that´s why I provided as much info as I could. Works now I´ll have a look at it again the 25:th.

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Gotta try that out. It's 9:43 in Germany right now.
Edit: Yep, works Thanks!

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Works in China (the whole country is GMT +8). This makes things way more convenient! Thanks!

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It would be great if we in our posts could... write time in local time and users over the world see it in their time. Some sort of time tag. Great for setting up matches. What do you think of that? It should be presented with some nice graphic to distuingish it from regular text.

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well that's pretty sweet about adding the time zone support. before I felt like I was typing from the future though and that was pretty cool too hehe



Have never seen it before. How about using a format like [nltime]hhmm[/nltime], using 24 hour, skippin am/pm. Or do we need a fulltimetag, yyyymmddhhmm?

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