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Ninten wrote:

It must hurt if it falls on your head.

Naw, my 100% pure tinfoil helmet is pretty solid. I won't feel a thing!

and now i stop thread-derailment

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I'm sorry, but when someone brings up banrelated talk, I get worried and scared at the same time.
Oh, to be on the relevant side: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story FTW!!!!

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To each their own


I agree, I want to see how many people voted for each game. I especially want to see who was smart and voted for either electroplankton, BIS, or NSMBW.

Just let it happen.

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Terranigma wrote:

My bets are on LKS, NSMBW or Muramasa.

Say Pros, when you announce what game won, will you publish a list of all the games people voted for and how many? I'd be interested to see which games got how many votes

I don't think we'll release exact numbers of votes but I can certainly show the percentage each title got. Better get out the calculator...


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i just saw this thread today, or else i would have voted for M &L BiS


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/me crosses fingers for LKS, but I imagine NSMBW or BIS will get it. Ooh it's so exciting!!!!



hope ST does well, but would be surprised if NSMBwii didn't win.



I voted NSMB Wii, but Punch-Out!!, Excitebots, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Wii Sports Resort, and The Crystal Bearers (on the Wii side of things) are great also.
For WiiWare, Excitebike, Pokemon Rumble, and probably LostWinds 2 (I haven't had a chance to play it yet) are all nominee-worthy.
On the DS front, wow, was it an awesome year. Spirit Tracks, Retro Game Challenge, Starfy, Scribblenauts, N+, Professor Layton, Mario & Luigi, Pokemon Platinum... I could go on.
There's nothing on DSiWare that merits a nomination from me, but, specifically on that platform, Art Style precipice was pretty good.
*Overall picks for each platform are in bold.
uncharted 2 demo pwns all, though


Announcement podcast is up on Monday. I was surprised by the final result and I've been tallying the votes for nearly a month! It'll be a good one


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I'm always behind on buying games, because I wait until the price drops drastically, which is usually more than a year after the game's release, so don't look at me for a plethora information on new games. That's why I, unfortunately, didn't cast my vote

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Thank you Prosody, for doing all the work, and presenting it in such style. you had me there for a moment

And thank you Nintendo Life readers, for voting as you did. The perfect result, I couldn't have wished for better. Yay!



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