Topic: Why eShop is not Gameboy Heaven?

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They made a lot of games "for Nintendo." I'm not saying there wouldn't be licensing problems, but it could be done.
Then EA could bring the Road Rash games over :@

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remember 2007? wii VC had a TON left and right, now people are complaining on the lack of wii VC, they dont want to do this twice

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First of all it's still to early to say virtual console is not a gameboy heaven or a heaven for any game. Be patient and there will be more games soon. They aren't trying to rush putting out games. 2nd remember you can still play dsiware ir dsi games. Which have quite a bit of gems. Yes I would love a ton more virtual console games or 3dsware games but I will be patient.
Lastly remember that licensing can be annoying when trying to get a game on virtual console.



Lastly remember that licensing can be annoying when trying to get a game on virtual console.

If one country can release a game then there shouldn't really be any licensing issues in the other regions.

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I think the reason why there was a lot of VC games on the wii was because, well, there was nothing else they could put on. Before wiiware, Nintendo was pretty much pressured Every week to release some sort of VC game, and look what happened when Wiiware came along! They slowed down the whole store.

I like the slow movement of 3DS Gameboy games, but in America it's a little bit too slow. It will probably be sometime this month, however, so I am not worrying.

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The eShop isn't GameBoy heaven because Nintendo hasn't given us a ton of must-buy titles yet.
The second we get more GBC games (especially Pokemon), the eShop will BLOW UP for GameBoy games.
Nintendo will realize this once they decide to give us more GBC games, is the theory anyway.

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As long as good games come out, whether it be VC or 3DSWare, there should be no reason to complain. Sure these past two weeks have been a little blah (with Block Factory and Bird Mania), but in the weeks beforehand we got great software like Colors! 3D, Ketzal's Corridors, and 3D Classics: Kid Icarus. Those were great releases, so the lack of VC was a non-issue (as a gamer, I just care about good games, regardless of what era they're from. So for gamers, those were good weeks). With Kirby's Block Ball hitting next week, it looks like were going to have another good week, and with releases like Cave Story + 3D, ATV Wild Ride 3D, Night Sky, 1001 Spikes, Unchained Blades, along with whatever VC goodness they surprise us with in the future, I can only say that eShop's looking good for quality software.


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