Topic: The most annoying unboxing ever.

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I've seen this guy before and he is every bit as annoying as he was before, but now even more so. Someone please hide the coffee...WOW!

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Yep. you sir are right. I didn't even watch the whole video. I may look at the end though since tails is in it.
Edit: I don't know which one he is. heh.

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Well, I smell a broken 3DS in his future

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lz20XX wrote:

Well, I smell a broken 3DS in his future

I think so too...he's so amped up he might brake someone else 3DS too.

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That guys is sooo annoying. I watched around two minutes of his hyper nonsense before closing the Youtube tab.


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I couldn't watch more then 2 seconds.
watching a man, freak out like a little girl, is notthing to be happy about....

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Its even more annoying that he's practically taunting us (who still don't have a 3DS) ...

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That is pretty annoying, but in my opinion nothing against guys like Stuttering Craig (of Game Trailers). At least this guy is personal in his annoyingness.
Edit: Ok , i just couldn't watch the whole thing. Too damn annoying

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There is already an unboxing thread here. Feel free to continue this discussion there. :3

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I was more interested in seeing Mario and Sonic fight...

I didn't finish the video.. I want to see Sonic and Mario fight at the 3DS launch



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