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Yes! Tekken for the 3Ds
I was hoping that it would come out for it 8)
Can't wait to play as Lili!


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This is pretty exciting. And there's a WiiU version.



Tekken has always been one of my favorite fighting game series. I will be checking out this one when it comes out.

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Tekken was my very first fighter (that i remember) and one of my first ps1 games, I love it so!! its a little weird that its on nintendo, but since its 3D and portable i think ill check it out

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Mickeymac wrote:

I like Tekken, but I never get the portable versions. I'll probably skip this.

I've always played it on portable, and played PS2 console versions lol
I remember always going to my uncle's house and playing it all day long 8)


Tekken and Mortal Kombat are, like, the only fighting games I've played, or remember and they're my favorite lol


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Tekken's gr8. I would like to see Soul Calibur 3D too!

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I like Tekken, but the game looked ugly and slow on the trailer they had at E3. I hope some more videos down the road will change my mind.


"60 frames per second framerate while 3D is enabled"
This game will be beast, I would embed the little vidya, if i remembered how

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Tekken was my very first fighting game and I've been following it ever since! I love the series so much! I freaked out when I saw it was coming to the 3DS! I'm so excited for this. I really hope it turns out good. It'll be a day one purchase for me! I can't wait to kick butt in 3D with my Lilli <3!

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I've never been into fighting games, but I have DOA and SF. They're all I need until SSB 3DS.

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Another fighter on 3DS?! Well I'm not complaining, I love a good fighter. Probably one of my more liked genres : P

I hope it has the doodle feature from the Wii U version!

I also remember a Nintendo Power interview with Namco saying they wouldn't mind seeing Tekken X Street Fighter on 3DS. I doubt that's actually going to happen, but we can still dream : D



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