Topic: Should there be a Shining Force game for 3DS?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong forums, but, should there be a Shining Force for 3DS? Shining Force is a popular franchise around the world (Probably more popular than Fire Emblem), but we Americans and Europeans didn't a new Shining Force game since the GBA remake of the first game.

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SEGA has shot down attempts of doing such already. The Youtube users who have been showing Shining-Force videos in an attempt to bring SEGA advertisement to the fore-front. SEGA killed Shining force in exchange for Shining force. Shining Force is dead, long-live Shining Force ( same for Macross as well ).

Also if your starved on Shining related games their is
Shining Force III ( note the game have three chapters divided into three games. Their are some translations and from my understanding patches )
Shining Wisdom ( a game similar to Zelda/Alundra/Brave Fencer )
Shining in the Darkness ( an FPS of shining force. )
Shining: Holy Ark ( Where their is darkness is replaced with Holy Ark. FPS of shining force. Basically Golden Sun but in FPS mode. Very great RPG to play from my understanding )
and of course
Golden Sun ( featuring musician of Tales Of Phantasia?? and Phantasy Star ).

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I would love for shining force cd, shining force 3, and maybe even shining force IV heck maybe 5&6 on Nintendo 3ds and I would pay $40 for such games. I would also like to see shining wisdom, shining the holy ark, shining force the sword of Hajya with updated graphics on it too.



My experience with the Shining Force series has been limited, but those experiences have been good ones. I'd welcome a game on the 3DS, but I sorta doubt we're getting one at this point.

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