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I don't know (I don't think, anyways) that Nintendo has said one way or the other, but will the 3DS have a resistive display or a capacitive display? If they haven't said either way, what do you think they should do?

For those that don't know, resistive displays are like the ones on the current DS lineup. They accept input from a stylus or fingernail and do not support multitouch. Capacitive displays are the ones found on any respectable smartphone, like the iPhone or Droid. They take input from your fingertips and support multitouch.

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I would prefer resistive. Hate having to smudge my screen.

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Ravage wrote:

I would prefer resistive. Hate having to smudge my screen.

I hate styluses.

It should be noted that they make styluses for capacitive displays.

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Y'know, the DS accepted multiple touches from either your stylus or your chubby little fingers, but there's a reason it came with a stylus. The touch screen is sort of resistant to touchy-thingies with a wide area hence using a stylus as a pinpoint for more accuracy. So, in my opinion, it should be a mix of the two. Kinda. If that's possible.

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You can also get resistive multitouch displays. I think it's a resistive anyway but Namco does have a game which apparently uses two styl(i?) so who knows.

It's probably cheaper to go with a resistive as well and Nintendo's already got one expensive screen in the device.

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