Topic: Please Help I cant decide. Please I really need it. I dont want to waste my money.

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Hell Everyone,

Well I got a present and I can choose anything under 300$
The iPhone 6s is 298$ because they have a discount.
But I found out the New 2ds XL Is 174$ I know it is such a good console
with alot of games but I really dont know what to choose.
Please someone help me! I am kind of leaning to the new 2ds xl but help me I cant decide at all.




That iPhone seems like the better deal, if you want more bang for your buck, honestly. Think about whether you need a new phone more than a 2DS or see what 3DS games are out for that you would want.

*I don't think either would be a waste of money. It's just a difficult decision because they're two different things that serve two different purposes.

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@Hero457 Do you need a phone or is your current phone working fine? The iPhone 6 is nothing special if you already have a phone that works fine. If you are more interested in gaming, the New 3DS is a far better choice.

But if your current phone is not working well, or if you don't have a phone at all, I'd suggest the phone first. A phone is more practical and useful for more things than a gaming device.

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[not Switch] or [not Switch] Which to choose?

There is no right answer here... 😁

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Do you like gaming or not ?
If you like gaming to next level, Buy Switch.
If not, well....

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I hate smart phones and don't own one, so my view is a bit scewed againest the iphone, it depends what you are after. If you want good games get the 2DS xl, if you want spam games that you will play once and jam up your phone later get an iPhone.


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If you need a new phone, then certainly the iPhone. If not, save your money for when there are games you would like in the future (or something else for that matter). If you don't have a Switch already, maybe put the $300 towards that and make up the rest yourself if you are able.


Put it toward your savings.

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iPhones are crap, so if you need a phone, get an Android phone. Out of the two, I'd definitely say go for the 2DS, although if I were you, I'd save up some extra cash myself, and combine the $300 gift money with some cash of my own to buy a Switch instead, which is even better.

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Get 3ds and games to go with it

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I suspect the OP has either died or made their decision by now. Thanks everyone for their input.

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