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So the BIG question now that the game released in Japan is: will this epic colaboration land stateside?

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I hope it comes to EU and NA. I might have to pick up the first 1 or 2 Ace Attorneys and Professor Laytons(which I planned to get the Professor Laytons anyway) just so I can understand this game better.

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I sure hope so, I love both franchises, so I can't possibly see how this game could be a disappointment.

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Considering Layton is pretty big here,I would hope so.

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In an interview with Dave Cook of VG247, Akihiro Hino, CEO of Level- 5, had hinted that the game is due for release on the 3DS of next year. "Thankfully Hino seemed much happier to discuss the studio’s incoming releases – Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney – due for release on PS3 and 3DS next year respectively."

Also, during the interview, Mr. Hino goes into depth about the last Professor Layton. "We are preparing some grand mechanics that are fit for such an end. I think the story will also end up being the best in the series as the truth behind Professor Layton and all the characters who have become regulars in the series is revealed."
"This will be an adventure that traverses the entire world, a first in the series, allowing the player to move around the world map freely. And of course, the sheer volume of puzzles will be greater than ever before. We have many, many elements included in the game, and it will not only be a puzzle-solving game, but true entertainment.”

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A killer ending, yet I've only played 2 games out of order. Damnit. Gotta go back it seems.

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