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i'd have to say 3 heart run are pretty easy apart from ganon (ganondorf being so easy that the last ten times ive killed him i havent been hit once, including the time where i beat him with a bottle).

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This is the first I'm hearing of the Uber Challenge... Imma look that one up. There are so many ways to play this game!

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If you want real challenge, try beating the game with:

  • 3 hearts
  • No shield
  • Broken Giant's Knife
  • No fairies

That should be a real challenge. I did this on the N64, but had to depend on the Master Sword and Fairies in the Ganon battle. It was just so tough... Oh yeah, and Morpha was just pure hell!

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Yes, what is this Uber Challenge? Is it what Olaf-symbiote is talking about, because that just sounds like torture

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Apparently the official Uber challenge isn't possible in Ocarina of Time 3D because it exploits some glitches that aren't present in the 3D version, like the Cuccoo Jump. So I guess I'll do a playthrough using the guidelines Olaf suggested. Playing with only a broken Giant's Knife sounds fun. Also, I don't get why everyone's complaining about Ganon. He's so slow! You can go between his legs are even around him, he's that slow! Morpha I understand, though. Morpha is hell. DX

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Actually, Ganon is rather fast to turn around, making rolling between his legs a better option.

You also shouldn't get the double defense power to make Ganon funner, One Hit KO Ganon, yay!

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