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BAZ1307 wrote:

What this is called is Crosstalk.

It's a very common problem with almost all 3D LCD TV's on sale right now, and the 3DS seems to be no different. Plasma TV's are the only displays without any crosstalk at all, but it would be unwise to use a plasma display in a handheld console.

From Wiikipedia:
"In Stereoscopic 3D Displays, "crosstalk" refers to the incomplete isolation of the left and right image channels so that one leaks or bleeds into the other - like a double exposure"

Unfortunately it's just something you're going to have to put up with. It's not going to completely ruin your 3D experience because it will only happen when there's a very contrasty scene with a bright colour against a dark colour.

I noticed this in Ridge Racer with the white tags above the A.I's cars, I just turned them off and my problem was solved.

I had a problem with the tags too.

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I vaguely noticed it when I first got the system and it was on max brightness. I haven't noticed since reducing the brightness, so maybe that helps make the extra image too weak to be noticeable.

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I think there's a common theme that, in the early days of playing a 3DS there can be issues with ghosting and duplicated images. I certainly noticed it on day 1, and my eyes felt pretty funky after only a short play-time. It's a graduate thing, as day 2 and 3 the ghosting became less of a problem and my eyes didn't feel quite as strange.

I'm now getting to the stage where I don't have any problems. I read something written by optometrists (is that a word?) saying that the 3DS worked eye muscles in new ways; kind of like going to the gym after months of no exercise. I think they argued that, with moderate use, the 3DS actually helps strengthen these eye muscles.

Just to be safe I do turn off the 3D every 30-45 minutes and take a break, but apart from that it's starting to work well.

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iphys wrote:

I vaguely noticed it when I first got the system and it was on max brightness. I haven't noticed since reducing the brightness, so maybe that helps make the extra image too weak to be noticeable.

Maybe I'll try that...I've been noticing this ghosting/crosstalk thing in Super Monkey Ball every now and then too.


Superducky wrote:

WaveBoy wrote:

I'm pretty sure if Nintendo somehow used little mini Plasma screens(if that's even possible) which not only would produce better PQ and motion, but the viewing angle/sweet spot would most likely be greatly improved.

As for LCD or LED LCD 3D tvs....barfs* Let's forget about the weaker PQ when stacked up against a plasma, the 3D itself sucks because if you move your head out of the sweet spot the 3D takes a hit....Plasma's don't have this problem at all.

Erm... I might be wrong, but I'm almost positive that plasma screens are terrible for gaming. Images such as menus and other stationary GUIs will burn into the display after a short while.

Plasma's produce better color, black levels and motion than any LCD AND they don't have as much input lag either, making them much better for gaming. Burn in is practically a thing of the past, as for IR that fades a way, but LCD clouding lasts a life I don't consider watching movies on an LCD an option, it's pretty awful. I can't stand them either for gaming, yet on a hand held that's the only exception.

Anyways, your just talking about IR and Burn in, which are most likely the reasons why Nintendo have avoided producing tiny plasma screens for the 3DS in the first place.
If anything they could produce better color, black levels 'and' motion with plasma technology, that's if it 'is' possible to make tiny plasma screens which I'm guessing it probably is. But at this point Nintendo clearly and obviously won't take those risks with tiny plasma screens. I'm wondering too if they've improved the PQ for the 3DS screens.

Anyways, Tiny CRT screens would be the best! But then the 3DS would be bulky as hell and weigh a thousand

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I've noticed this now. It's not actually "crosstalk" (as I understand it), but rather a result of not being completely within the "sweet spot." I posted a topic about difficulties of getting entirely within the "sweet spot" here. You have to make sure it's the right distance from your face as well as holding it at the right angle.

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@WaveBoy The other problem with Plasma is the HUGE power consumption compared to LCD and especially LED backlit LCD screens. Not that good for a portable gaming device. Anyways, the reason those active glasses 3D TVs tend to be better with Plasma screens is because of the way it works. The screen quickly swaps between two images over the whole screen and the shutter glasses close off one eye or the other when the image displayed which is why LCD does worse.... because LCD tends to have more motion blur than plasma.

The 3DS doesn't use that technology so there would be no difference between the 3D effect an LCD and Plasma or OLED screen on the 3DS. The problem of the OP, as people have said, is most likely to do with not being able to find the sweet spot but if it is light "bleeding" across the parallax barrier turning the brightness down SHOULD reduce the crosstalk

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Actually, while what I posted above is true, I did notice some of this "duplicating" effect while looking at the head in the Mii Maker that I couldn't get rid of no matter how I held the 3DS. I didn't notice any of this while playing SFIV except when the image was slightly out of focus from the way I was holding it. It may be connected to high-contrast situations, but it definitely does look like there's some of this crosstalk going on. One more minor disappointment about the 3DS I guess...

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