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The game that I really cannot wait for on the 3ds is the amazing Kid Icarus.

I really can't wait for this new classic. We all know that it was originally for the NES, but this new version follows the same basic story line with some new twists. First off, this game will look awesome in three dimensions and in 3d (as in glasses without the glasses). With both of these combined pit will find himself in a new exploding adventure, and with the awesome new graphics and controls this game will be completely new! The new look of pit is simply awesome!

I think the storyline will follow the same basic characteristics as the first, with few acceptions. Pit will be asked to save Angel Land from Medusa and the Darkness, but with the awesome remake of Pit all the characters will most likely look very different and be expected to find many very new characters, more modernly produced. With that I think we can all expect a sequel and maybe even a series. As Pit is going to save the Angel Land as it was called it the original, you can expect many new weapons and gadgetry from the first. We all know he will have his bow, arrows, sword, and shield, but i think that there will bee more later on in the game (i think a spear would be pretty kool) hopefully all this can happen. As we all know this game sounds and looks pretty cool from the trailer, and I think we can all expect something very new, a very new awesome series!

So if you have anything you wanted 2 say about Kid Icarus Uprising, please reply, and also please tell your most anticipated game for the 3ds because we all know how many great ones there are!

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Kid Icarus: Uprising is also my most anticipated 3DS game. Not only is it the dream follow up to Of Myths and Monsters that Nintendo fans have ben begging for for almost two decades, but the action looks really cool, even without the 3D. It doesn't look like the original Kid Icarus, but I'm not complaining! This is going to be the 3DS's killer-ap, must-have game. Hopefully, it will create new fans!

Mario Kart 3DS and Paper Mario 3DS look great, too. Mario Kart should be exciting in 3D and any turn-based Paper Mario is worth looking forward to.

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PilotWings 3DS!
and also Wind Waker, if they port it, which I hope they do



For some reason I don't think egg plant wizards will annoy me to much this time. I mean giant 3d awesome graphic eggplant angel kid is a little cool. but for me I'm looking forward to Animal crossing 3ds because improved internet will mean all sorts of awesome.
(voice chat and hopefully more than 4 at a time) and Mario Kart,Ocarina of time,Kingdom hearts,Final Fantasy 6,Kid Icarus,Metal gear solid 3,Resident evil,Paper Mario,Street fighter and if it's any good sims 3. Wow will I be broke. And trading in about two boxs of crap.

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If you're looking to talk about which game you're anticipating the most at launch, please use this existing thread. If you're interested in discussing the new Kid Icarus game, try this one. :3

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