Topic: Migrating to new 3DS - do I need a new SD card?

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I have a 3DS, and I am looking to replace it with the new Zelda themed 3DS XL. Looking over the information on the web, it looks like it transfers everything from one 3DS to the other over the wireless connection. This is a problem, as I have a large 128GB card in my current 3DS. I'd hate to have to buy a new 128GB card just to be able to transfer everything.

Is there something I can do to make this easier? I suppose I could delete all the games I've downloaded before the transfer, then make a backup of the receiving SD card, and then copy that to the 128GB card, and then redownload everything, but that seems like a pain. I'm hoping there is some method I haven't read about that can help with this. Any ideas?



I haven't done a system transfer myself but I understand what it actually transfers is the system ID so information on your memory card can be read on the new system (and not be readable on the old one anymore) I don't think you need more than one memory card

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No, you don't need anything.

What it transfers are licenses and some internal data, but all of your e-shop games and SD card data is still on the SD card. Everything from your games, as well as anything you have in your Mii plaza will still be on the SD card you are using, so don't lose that! You can keep the new SD card that comes with your Zelda 3DS XL/LL, but what you will be using is your128GB, so once the data transfer is done, take that SD card and put it into your new system. This is something that many people don't do and it makes their transfers really confusing.

Once you've done the system transfer and moved your SD card to the new 3DS, you should be able to pop in and play just like nothing ever happened. Enjoy!

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