Topic: Memory card space issues in the future?

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With the first 3DSware (Let's Golf 3D) taking up 1526 blocks, that's a big chunk for sure. Maybe I missed it in the manual, but seeing that all your data is stored to that card do we know what the process will be when you run out of room? Can you go to a PC with a card reader and dump all your data (3ds apps, games, ware, 3dclassics, etc) and then get a larger card and pop it back on there? I'm kind of curious where things will go as if they're not limiting size potentially with the 1526 blocks being eaten up, I could see someone needing a 8, 16, 32GB card down the line maybe.

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This will sound insane, but that topic, is it private because it doesn't show up in the 3DS board for me at all. I even back clicked through your link to the 3DS board and it's not there, and the last post was less than 30min ago so it should be at the top pretty much.

I have no idea why it's invisible for me or I would have never asked.

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@tanookisuit: It's currently on the first page of the 3DS forum. it's down toward the bottom of the page a ways, but it's there — we don't have the ability to set threads to 'private' here. you probably just skipped over it on accident while you were looking, it happens all the time. no big deal. :3

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