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They probably would work but honestly the SD card the system comes with is enough. All the data is stored on the gamecarts, the friends still on the friends list in the actual system, and the only things that go on the SD card is Eshop games and apps, and any photos/videos taken.

My opinion anyway, but if you plan on downloading a ton of things from the eshop an upgrade may be needed.

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Yea I want to go over the top as I'm looking forward to downloading indies and installing games to to the 3DS if I can.



The SanDisk ones are the same. Buy one of those.


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Ok thanks.



For size, personally I use a 16GB so I never run out of space. 32GB is overkill, but if you find one for cheap why not? You can always use it for something else if you need to. Honestly, if you're planning on buying a lot of digital games, you'll want more than 2GB.


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