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What kind of game is this? I've never heard of it.

PS. I don't understand why people who link to Nintendo Everything only do so to the homepage. Click the article and link it specifically. (Sorry just a pet peeve)



Tops wrote:

What kind of game is this? I've never heard of it.

Music rhythm game. And I'm really excited for this: now I'll have Hatsune Miku on both my 3DS and Vita. So many great localizations this year.

The game is Project Mirai 2 with additional features:

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So happy about this, been having a pretty cool day and coming home to this news just kicked it up a notch. Finally get to have my favorite (virtual) Idol on my favorite console. <3

Wait, does the use of AR features mean that we're getting vocaloid AR cards?

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I'm pretty happy about it. Miku games are actually pretty fun. Music isn't bad either.


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@Randomname19 That's brilliant xD

I don't know how much Copys of this Game made it to the US, but here in Germany it's very rare, even more so if you want the Version which contains the Miku AR Cards.

Still managed to snag the Game and it's great. I just think many of the Songs are a bit to long for my taste, especially if you're playing on a higher difficulty. Still a great package for any Miku or Rhythm Game Fan.

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@Nagi_Nagisa Luckily,the AR cards can be printed from the game's website.

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