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I just got a 3ds xl after already owning a switch. I quit video games from the end of the GC/Xbox era. I got a DS in a cd player trade back in 05 with Mario but never used it. Wanted to play Chrono Trigger at work and the old DS is too dim. Picked up a 2ds XL and I really like it.

Ive been hearing all the talk about the system dying which made me apprehensive about getting one, but in glad I did.

I was curious why no one is taking advantave of the upgraded hardware in the "new" series. Granted the naming is terrible as it's worse than the Wii u and people don't know what it is. This thing could have a longer life if developers started taking advantage of it.

I love my switch, but this portability is great.

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It's unfortunate that even Nintendo themselves have been ignoring the superior hardware of the "New" hardware as many of their own games (particularly the Fire Emblem and Pokémon games) suffer from performance issues, which the "New" hardware can easily alleviate.

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The "New" 3DS doesn't have much of a future as the 3DS line is at the end of its lifespan. While it is getting staggered token releases, developers seem to be mostly moving on from it.
I don't think many took much advantage of it because exclusive "New" games would have excluded the large portion of people with the regular 3DS and thus lowering the amount of potential buyers. It only made sense to make games that ran on both the base and "New" to cater to everyone.
While it is at the end of its life, that doesn't make it bad purchase or one to be apprehensive about. It had a good run and as a result has a huge library of great games. Something doesn't need to be current to be fun.

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@subpopz : I wasn't suggesting exclusive content for the New line. Even improving the performance of games going forward would have made it worth owning one.


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The New 3DS came late and it sold alongside the cheaper 3DS SKUs. Also while it did sell well it never really built up that much of a marketshare in its own right. I can't be bothered working out the exact numbers but looking at Nintendo's most recent financial report and 3DS sales since the end of 2014? The New model 3DS has sold probably somewhere around 16mill. Of which about 4mill were last year alongside the Switch.

Adding to that I think you also need to remember what the New 3DS launch was about. It wasn't a global launch with a huge amount of fanfare. It was about extending the life of the already declining sales of the 3DS a bit longer. I don't think they really expected the 3DS to hang around for as long as it has.

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If you buy one for the first time today, there's no reason to see it as a dead console because there are dozens of awesome games you've yet to play on it, enough to keep you going for years.
The only thing you'll lose is other people playing at the same time.

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I bought a New 3DS 2 years ago as my return to video games after the Wii era. I’ve loved it. I’m not sure that I’ve played many “new” games for it. Since I bought it, almost everything I’ve gotten has been an older 3DS game on deep discount. I played the new Metroid on it tho. It has a serious back catalog of games (I finally played Zelda OoT for the first time thanks to 3DS) and all of the DS games worth playing too. Honestly, even if Nintendo discontinues games for it, I’ll still have plenty to play on it for the next couple years.



@Aurin I'd love that!

I'm new to the RPG genre. Back before I quit games (2005ish) I was into FPS. FPS has gone down hill and I've matured I guess. Still enjoy Goldeneye or Perfect Dark with friends, but meh. Only RPGs I have played are Zelda 2 (didn't even get past the first temple), Pokemon Blue back in 98, XC2 (got it day 1, 305+ hours on it now), and now Chrono Trigger.

It's funny, I got Chrono Triger on my SNES classic because I heard the hype, and loved it so much I bought it for DS.

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@Aurin thank you!

I have Xenoblade 1 coming this week too.

Ive played and still have Links Awakening DX on Game Boy, and OoT and MM on 64. Actually played through MM last summer after not playing games for a long time. I started Oracle of Ages on an emulator but broke my save file when youre stuck on that island via a cheat or something and never bothered to go back to it.

Are the 3ds remakes of OoT and MM worth it? Playing the Ocerina without the C buttons must be weird.

Are the new Pokemon games any good? I played blue like 5 times then I was done with it after stadium. Played fire red for like 5 mins then was like bleh.

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