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I find the AR card games extremely enthralling. Does anyone wish or think in the future they could or would make full games with these?

If they did and they included multiplayer either in streetpass proximity or online would be amazing. I know there would be alot of things to overcome with an online aspect of it, but i think a console to console experience would be so much fun, a shooter with walls or a pong like game i think could be extremely fun and a worthwhile experience.

Two people dancing around a table in a battle i think would be not only fun to participate in but a site to see. I'm 26 and i would be in an arcade or card shop doing tournaments to get that experience if they could make these worthwhile.

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I'm sure that when the eShop is finished, there will be many AR 3DSWare games to buy.

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There's already a thread about it here. It's the first result that appears when you search "Future of AR" in the search bar.

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