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We already own a 3ds and purchased the Pikachu xl version and Luigi's Mansion yesterday and received a free download code after registering. I am wondering if I can download it on to one 3ds and transfer it to the other one. I would like to play Professor Layton on the xl but I don't know how much time I will get with that unit after my daughter gets ahold of it?

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Well I'm pretty sure you can initially download it onto either 3DS.
As for transferring it later - I believe it'll be possible but I've never tried it myself.

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3DS to 3DS transfers are global. That means that you can transfer it to the other 3DS, but the old 3DS will be completely cleaned.

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be careful — 3DS to 3DS transfers are all-or-nothing. You can't pick and choose which 3DS titles to transfer between two 3DS systems, so if you know you want the downloaded game on one of the two 3DSes but still want two separate systems (one for you, one for her), just put it on the one you wanted to have it wind up on eventually., not the one you're wanting to transfer it from. if that makes any sense :3

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Thanks for the quick replies. So I guess I can't play it on both units. Too bad.



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