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I've heard everyone say the drive attacks make it simpler, comparing it even to Smash Brothers, but when I opened the move list in the PS3 version, that did not look remotely like Brawl's move sets. I'd be very happy to see touch commands for BlazBlu 3DS.

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I think its great that the 3DS launch games are so well received. I was wondering what famitsu thought of Ridge Racer 3D. I might pick it up!

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@Adam... good to hear man, and the same can be said for myself.

Mickey cleared that up for me, as I didn't clarify it very well. The combos are for the most part extremely easy to pull off, and each character has a limited amount of combos each. So a few hours of playing with a character will have you throwing awesome moves when desired, where on SSF4 it takes loads of hours and time/patience to learn just one character. I spent hours and hours on SSF4 with an SSF4 Arcade Stick just trying to throw 1 combo in practice mode and could never get it to work. The timing is just so extremely precise!

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I had a great time with BlazBlue on PS3 until I reached the level on the online ranking system where they turn off all the special move hot keys and you actually have to make the combos yourself. Until then I was kicking arse.

I'm interested in SFIV but I'm concerned about the position of the d-pad. I just can't wait until I get a 3DS in my hands to find out what it's all about.



If alot of you are planning to get SFIV3D, then you may want to take it easy on the 3DS.

I know my Xbox controller is all beat up, form playing alot of Street Fighter, and the same can happen to The 3DS

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I want Majoras Mask in 3D... just saying.

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I partly regret downloading Majora's Mask on VC recently because the 3DS may get a revamped version....



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