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but at the same time, there's an issue with DK64 being developed by rare and a lot of rare properties being included in the game, which is why there's a little bit of a deadlock over the game, nintendo ultimately owns the characters, franchise, etc, but only parts of the game itself

I think you might be referring to Diddy Kong Racing, which had both Conker and Banjo in it. If you remember, DKR was remade for the DS, and those Rare characters were replaced with more generic ones.

no, I am referring to DK64, between Jetpac, and subtle references to other Rare IPs, there's be a lot to take out



Donkey Kong 64 was one of my first N64 games. I even got the banana controller. But to be honest, I didn't like the game as much as the other DK games. It was good, but I wouldn't buy a remake of it. As far as more N64 remakes go, I would probably only buy a remastered Ogre Battle 64.

Gloria! Gloria!


Whats orge battle

. Heads up my name online on the 3DS and Xbox Live is Bubbab5 to let you guys know. My 3DS FC 5412 9927 8618


Now that sounds like a good idea. Honestly I think it should be on the original nintendo Wii too not just the 3ds.



This and majoras mask should be the last two remakes made for the 3ds before they start 3ds alone games. Also, majoras mask should have the option of time and donkey Kong no jetpack game and use something else.The graphics would be great and I think they should make it because I think they going to make majoras mask after a link to two worlds.



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