Topic: Does advanced setup let you play wifi games on the 3DS?

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I was wondering if the 3DS can play Wifi games with advanced setup. I know that DSi has advanced setup but it won't work for actual games, just things like DSi shop and Flipnote studio. What I'm saying is can I play things like Street fighter 4 online with advanced setup?



DSi does, it only tells you you need advanced setup if its certain wifi settings.


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I'm not familiar with "Advanced Setup," but I'm assuming it allows the DSi to connect to a WPA protected internet connection, which the original DS coouldn't do. If that's the case, then yes, you can connect using "Advanced Setup" because the 3DS supports WPA protected internet connections.

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Ok, thanks! Now I definitely will get Mario Kart 7

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the 3DS has no problems playing 3DS games online — what you're thinking of is having a DSi or 3DS, setting up a secured internet connection (instead of a WEP connection, like DS games require), and then attempting to play a DS title via WFC. That's not the case when playing a 3DS game, though, as it can utilize any connection the 3DS can access for WFC play (the DS could only access a WEP connection, thus the game WFC problem on DSi and 3DS). :3

Either way, glad to see you've come to a decision. :3

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