Topic: Do you think the 3DS's graphics are good enough?

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unrandomsam wrote:

60fps and antialiased would have been fine (Ideally exactly double the resolution of the DS as well) . As it stands it is borderline unacceptable.

They could give the option of 3D or 60fps and antialiased. (Dead or alive dimensions has a similar sort of choice so I don't think it would be difficult.)

If it is not acceptable, then why do you buy one? I think you mean preferred?

Anyhow, the frame rate being the same with, or without, the stereoscopic is dependent on the game itself, I believe. For Pokemon X and Y you can see a difference between the frame rates in many instances, especially with a Vivillon in a singles battle. With the stereoscopic effect on there is a noticeable frame rate decrease. The display does have an upper limit, though I can find no definitive source on the exact limits, that will be an effect of how fast the screen can refresh and the GPU.

Based on my research, the devs are to blame for most of the low frame rates, not the system. However, anything above 60fps would be wasted anyway, so meh. I tend to play RPGs, turn based more than anything as well, so frame rates hold little interest to me, as long as it's pretty. Many games use great antialiasing when the stereoscopic effect is turned off, with the stereoscopic though, only with an increase in resolution, and thus huge increase in cost, would the issue be resolved. It's just a side effect of the great new feature.

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Of course the graphics are good enough. The likes of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon kind of prove that, and Mario & Luigi Dream Team shows how well sprites can be done on the system.

As a result, I see nothing wrong with the system's graphical capabilities.

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I really don't care for graphics on any sistem if game keeps me interested and it's fun to play. Every game I own for my 3DS is exactly that. So ye, it's good enough if you ask me. And like CM30 said.. graphics in Mario & Luigi Dream Team are very nice, especially if you play in 3D. So as in Fire Emblem Awakening and Zelda:LBW

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The graphics are good enough.
Nintendo has always been more about the gameplay to me.

Plus; when a console or handheld is released it takes several years before games are released that realise full potential...

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They're meh.
I'd love for them to be better but its not like the games are unplayable.

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Don't worry guys. Better graphics will eventually happen, as long as Nintendo and 3rd party games continue to happen.


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Good enough for me. I don't prioritize graphics high at all so it doesn't really matter as long as the game itself is fun. The 3DS does have some graphically impressive games: Re Revelations, Dead or Alive, Dark Moon and Pokemon X/Y are some examples.

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Graphics are pretty good relatively speaking. I mean its a handheld, dont expect NVIDIA TITAN graphics on it...

Would i like better graphics? Sure... but the problem is the cost of 3ds wouldve been higher, less people wouldve bought it, and less games wouldve been made for it. Personally i think the system is pretty well rounded. (good software library, acceptable battery life, nice 3D effect, pretty good graphics for a handheld, very good controls, great form factor/size and layout)...

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Also, I may as well add something.

Graphics on a handheld are always lower, for practical considerations. Remember when the SNES and Nintendo 64 were out and Nintendo was still selling the eight bit Game Boy/Game Boy Color?

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Depends really. There are good points in Fire Emblem, Rhythm Thief, and Pokemon X where I'm literally blown away by the beauty especially in the cut scenes. Then there are bad points where my eyes are burning from jagged line. The good points outweigh and stick with me more than the bad so I'll say they are good enough.

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I'm sorry but to be honest in my opinion, graphics aren't everything on Handheld. The 3DS has wonderful graphics. Don't believe me, play Resident Evil: Revelations. I was a bit skeptical on the graphics when the 3DS came out. But when I got it I feel in love with it. So it doesn't matter if the 3DS doesn't do 30fps, 60fps. What matter is the game. Not the graphics.


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IDK but if ironfall works as amazing as the demo video is making it seem then yes I think the 3DS graphics are good enough.

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For the time being they're good enough for a handheld. I don't have a XL though.
A higher resolution might be good for a better 3D effect though, so next time maybe?


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I'd say they are good enough, tho I think it's starting to look a little dated. Seems like the Game Pad's resolution is higher and the screen is crisper. I'd like t see something along those lines or better in a year or two.

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For a handheld portable the 3DS graphics is okay. I don't think graphics is a big deal on portable machines.

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It is important to look at PORTS of existing games to truly benchmark the hardware's graphics.

Example 1: Rayman Origins on 3DS has muddled visuals and 30FPS. On the Wii, it runs at a smooth 60FPS with HD assets. Even an Intel GMA and an iPhone 4 can run the UbiArt engine at 60FPS with native resolution.....

Example 2: DKCR 3D: 60fps on Wii, 30 on 3DS
Example 3: Rayman 3D: 60fps Dreamcast and sub-30 on 3DS
Even when viewing games built for the ground up, I find that most have really simple and muddled textures......

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Samurai_Goroh wrote:

I honestly think they are. It sits between the GameCube and the Wii powerwise. I hope that 3DS lasts some 4/5 years more or so, if the general public perception is matched by mine. I just want it to keep getting games.

I'd say in-between Dreamcast and PS2

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CapnPancakes wrote:


And for the record, the 3DS has slightly more processing power than the Wii, but it has a lower native resolution so games aren't really going to look much better. Not that that really matters though. Just look at the DS vs the PSP, that proved that power doesn't really matter as much in the handheld market.

DKC and Rayman among others say otherwise....

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Don't see why they cannot give the option to choose 3D or 60fps. (It is possible Dead or Alive Dimensions does).

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The 3DS has fantastic graphics, it keeps things looking great without the need to be too realistic. I love that it has a nice stylized, almost classic, look and feel to the graphics and it keeps things simple and effective. A++ for the games I've played for the unit.

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