Topic: Do you think the 3DS's graphics are good enough?

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BSlyTheGamerGuy wrote:

The 3DS has fantastic graphics, it keeps things looking great without the need to be too realistic. I love that it has a nice stylized, almost classic, look and feel to the graphics and it keeps things simple and effective. A++ for the games I've played for the unit.

This is a bit off-topic. What you are talking about are what the game devs are responsible for, and I do agree, most of the game devs for the 3DS make them look really nice. As for the graphics, many people don't seem to realize the 3DS itself is capable of more than what the games use, but meh, the games sell enough that no one really cares about maxing it out.

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The 'brightness' isn't good enough, even on 5....Unless you have the original 3DS plugged into the Charger/adapter cable which unlocks the 6th brightness automatically, which i'd say is on par with the highest brightness setting of the DS Lite....

It's what i tend to use, even though it feels whack being teathered to a cable, i mean this IS a portable after all, but i can't stand the step down in brightness, the 6th settting makes these games come alive whites look super bright, colors are rich and vibrant(ect) which isn't exactly the case on the 5th setting. 3DS XL owners can't get the 6th brightness settings. it's one of the main reasons why i tossed it, plus the softer,slightly blown up image and boring last gen DSi inspired design. I do miss it for the VC, 1:1 on those larger screens is great! but eh...

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I still hold the same opinion I did before. There are some jaggies but it mostly looks great.

Animal Crossing is another great-looking game, and the Pokémon models in X and Y are fantastic(although some of the non-Pokémon models are very jaggy or have badly pixelated textures >_> , but not too much that's really terrible).

I play on an XL, though, so maybe Pokémon looks better on a regular 3DS. Actually, some games do look a bit too blown up on the XL. I haven't played for a while, but I remember the overworld sprites on Mario & Luigi didn't seem very good because they were fuzzy, which was probably a side-effect of playing the game on an XL.

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