Topic: Do you think the 3DS will still have the DSi shop?

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Because I really want to get all the Game & Watch games. I still have the original DS but I will get the 3DS asap.

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yes i do.. but i think itll be integrated into the 3DS store



If it doesn't, I won't want to buy one. The games I play the most are DSiWare ones.

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Probably all the DSi shop items will go straight into the 3DS shop, and the DSi shop will close after some time.



I think upon entering the 3DS Shop, you should have buttons for DSiWare, 3DSWare, and (hopefully) Virtual Console. Also, I would want both the 3DSWare and DSiWare to be separated into games and apps. I know there are very little apps, but am I the only one that is annoyed that games and apps on the DSi Shop aren't separated into different sections?

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I'm thinking that Nintendo should do this to help smooth the transition to the 3DS. DSiWare already has a fantastic lineup of games (X-Scape, Trajectile, Aura-Aura Climber, etc.) that should be enjoyed by more people.

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I think it might. After all, all the other DS and DSi games are backwards-compatible!

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Yes and no. It won't have the DSi shop because it's not a DSi. But the games could possibly be integrated into the 3DS shop, but I kind of doubt it.

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guys, i already made a thread thats about this.

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Don't worry, they'll find a way to sell you content - it's Nintendo. In fact, I'll eat my "Phat" if we don't see a "Game and Watch 3D" series. A better question though is whether we'll be able to transfer across the DSiWare downloads we already own...

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I doubt DSiWare will be sold in the 3DS shop. 3DSWare will be sold in the 3DS Shop. They'll probably do an iPad thing and re-release the "best" DSiWare with 3D visuals at twice the price and half the fun.

Unless, of course, they do the virtual handheld thing, in which case I could see them putting DSiWare in the shop along with the other older handheld titles.



Peznaze wrote:

Unless, of course, they do the virtual handheld thing, in which case I could see them putting DSiWare in the shop along with the other older handheld titles.

DSiware isn't that old. I'd rather them save a Virtual handheld section for TRUE classics. Like Game & Watch, Super Mario Bros, and others. All they need to do is make a DSiware section.



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