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@Anti-Matter Sorry for not following up your email yet. My copy of LBX arrived yesterday but I've not had a chance to try it yet.

I've only finished 3 missions of Federation Force so far (my profile is at 2% completion), so I've perhaps not seen enough of the game yet to do it justice, but I'll give you a few notes anyway:

  • It's a very good game. Its negative image/reputation is undeserved.
  • It plays a lot like Metroid Prime (unsurprisingly), but in bite-sized missions rather than sprawling exploration.
  • Its PEGI rating is 12; Splatoon 2's is 7. I'm guessing it's rated 12 because if you play multiplayer you can use voice chat, which presumably means it can't be rated for lower ages by default. There's no gore that I've come across, and I don't expect any, but you will be regularly shooting alien creatures, space pirates etc.
  • I find your tolerances hard to judge, because you say Splatoon is too much like Call of Duty, but to me Splatoon is a very inclusive game, where the worst thing that happens is getting splatted over and over in quick succession, so to me there's nothing to feel guilty about. But then I don't feel guilty playing any games because they're just games, and I'd encourage you to try and relax your cautious approach a bit.
  • I think unless you play multiplayer, the chibi character design is a bit irrelevant. As you're playing FPS style you don't see yourself in game, just in the pre-rendered bits between missions. Though I suspect I may encounter other chibi human characters later in the game.
  • Hopefully you can pick up a physical copy at a decent price, give it a try, then sell it if it's not for you.

Give it a try though, it's definitely a good game from what I've seen so far. Not easy, and the controls may take a few attempts to get used to, but worth it. Let me know what you decide.

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Thank you for replying my question. ­čśÇ
At this rate, i might consider Federation Force after i got some urgent 3DS games first (Yokai Watch Blasters White Dog Squad and Red Cat Corps) since they are quite hard to find games in my country, and i have found other game shop that has Federation Force with very cheap price (Under 200,000 IDR or under US$ 15.00).
And i think i will consider it next month after i got my salary.

Btw, let me know about LBX after you played some, since i found similarity between LBX and Gundam Battles.

One more thing, do you think my taste about playing Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers 3DS was suddenly Too Wild for a gamer who tends to play kiddie games with lesser action and violences ? ­čśů
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