Topic: 3DS won't stop charging!

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My 3DS was doing the same thing for like two days. Then the update came along and now it's fixed (on mine anyway).

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I never had that problem.. weird. I've never had really many issues with my 3DS.. not sure why, because with my luck you would think. Still a great system.

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I had those charge issues too!
But the last tiny update seemed to have stopped it.
All fine now

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My 3DS seems to be okay too, no more charging issues.

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Ive never had any 3DS problems. I feel sorry for the people that have 3DS problems.

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I left mine plugged all night and by morning the light was off. So it looks like all is well again.

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xDemon720x wrote:

Could be something wrong with the battery or you're using it too much or for too long. Also, try to refain from using it while it's charging.

All I can think is that it's the battery, if you're concerned about it just contact Nintendo.

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anyone please add me and give me their 3ds freind code as well. my friend code is 4210-4014-3732


yeah the same thing happened to me about 5 times. my 3ds friend code is 4210-4014-3732 if anyone wants to add me. and make sure to give me yours too!

anyone please add me and give me their 3ds freind code as well. my friend code is 4210-4014-3732


Sherlock wrote:

JDT wrote:

Mine is not having any problem with charging..

are you using the cradle ?

Yes, I'm using the cradle. But now i've seen what the problem is. No big deal actually.

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