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Does the problem only occur in NA? I am from EU and I did not have any of those issues.


The problems with downloading the new games were in the Eu if you had a lot of miis in your plaza. I have just updated Streetpass via the inbuilt update button and can now purchase all games no problem. Thanks Nintendo!

Is the mii plaza update is in EU or NA?

Sorry, seems to be live in EU only at the moment, but don't suppose it will be too long for the US.



I only have like 11 mii's including my mii in my park.

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3DSFan134 wrote:

why did they have the mii plaza update in EU first than NA?

No Idea! Perhaps Nintendo of America was busy with hosting the E3 event for Nintendo worldwide so has had less time? It is a bit odd though, because the EU is usually the last to get things. Maybe they just figured they'd give us a break. Up until this E3 we'd only had one special mii and most of the games release later than the US. Can't imagine there's any snub involved. Could even be using the Eu as guinea pigs.



miiplaza update patch is finally here in the EU.

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Just played the new games and they are epic. Well, the gardening one is a little weird, but you still get tickets to exchange for hats. I've got a lucky star hat now! You get to play with ALL miis that you streetpass, not just the ones who have bought the software. Well worth the £13.49 for the combo pack IMO.



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