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A while ago I had gotten a regular 3DS from my neighbor with New SMB 2 And SM 3D Land. Mostly I play pokemon but I was wondering should I trade in my 3DS for a 2DS. When using the 3DS the bottom piece feels so tiny for my hands and I cannot afford a 3DS XL. If I trade in my 3DS for a 2DS I will be making a profit of around $15.I have seen some reviews and the 2DS does have a longer battery life and seems more confortable to hole with bigger L and R bumpers and better button placement. I just want to hear from other people about their opinions. Thank you!



The 2ds is pretty easy to use, I really like mine... Even though I upgraded to a n3ds xl, I still use my 2ds quite regularly.

If you don't care about 3d, then I say go for it.

Just remember to ask the shop people to do a system transfer or let you do one, if you have digital content or important information on your system you won't want to lose those.

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I bought mine for just under £5.00 from GAME about 2-3 months ago (they were on sale for £59.99, brand new with Tomodachi Life, and I had just over £55.00's worth of GAME Reward Points saved up so just paid the balance) and couldn't be happier with mine. I had an original 3DS back in 2012 for about 3 years, but I sold it as I completed all the games I wanted to play for it at that time, and was just not playing on it anymore whatsoever. A year or so later though, and with the allure of their Selects that they keep bringing out, I thought why noT, as one of the only problems I ever had with the original 3DS was finger cramp after half an hour or so. The 2DS however is INCREDIBLY comfortable to hold, regardless of how cheap people may think it looks (TBF, it is cheap), and I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who have big hands and find the original design slightly uncomfortable. The bumpers are more comfortable, and the battery life is pretty damn incredible (a lot, LOT better than the original 3DS but I cannot comment if it's better than any of the other models). If you don't care about 3D, and just want something cheap and cheerful to play a decent handful of games on, then you cannot go wrong with the 2DS.



I had a DS lite back in the day and my hands would cramp up in an hour, maybe 2. I could not play it for longer than that. I have no experience with the 3DS or 3DSXL. I have the 2DS now and I love it. It is super comfortable to play for hours and hours. I think that I have played the 2DS, no kidding, for an entire Saturday (yes, I'm ashamed). That's at least 10 solid hours. No way I could do that with a DS.

People complain that it's cheap. Ok, yeah, it is cheap $$$. Some people complain about the R/L buttons. But I like them a lot. Some people worry that the 2DS screens are prone to scratching. This is not true. The top screen has a thick plastic cover on it and the bottom touchscreen seems fine to me. I don't use a case and it's all good.

NOTE: the 2DS can not play the SNES Virtual Console games that have been released lately. This is kind of a bummer but understandable considering that NES Zelda on VC slows when there are 10 monsters on the screen.



As someone who went from an original 3ds to an XL & an n3ds before picking up an 2ds, I'd say that it's certainly worth it.

I still have my N3DS but as the others above have said, I find the 2ds:

  • more comfortable to hold
  • got a good feel/weight to it
  • longer battery life
  • more durable without the hinge & less prone to scratches & such
  • games still look & play great

The sound quality is a bit lacking so headphones are kinda a must imo & it takes a few seconds longer to load games/eshop coming from an n3ds but aside from those minor issues, I love mine & certainly prefer it over the others.

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I wish there was a New 2DS. I want the extra power of a New 3DS for games to run better but I never use the 3D function and would be fine with a 2DS with that power

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