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    Review Blue-Collar Astronaut

    In space, no one seems to tip

    Are you tired of dead-end, earthbound employment? Do you long to break free of the crushing gravity of workaday life? Are you finally ready to float freely in the high-salary stratosphere? Well, dear reader, if you're dead set on those lofty goals, we don't have anything to offer; but if you're after a more modest...

  • Nintendo Download 13th April (Europe)

    Team Kirby! Mr. Shifty! Jackbox Party Pack 3! Puyo demo! More!

    The Download Update is live in Europe, and we have the details thanks to a bit of eShop browsing and help from the always generous Daan Koopman. It's a pretty decent line-up once again, with a high-profile 3DS arrival and some tempting Switch downloads; there's a solid batch of...

  • Nintendo Download 13th April (North America)

    Kirby! Mr Shifty! Jackbox Party! BOXBOY! Much more!

    It's that time again, dear readers, for the North American Nintendo Download Update details. A couple of titles arrived after the Nintendo Direct on 12th April, and in addition to those there are some other gems on the list. The Nintendo Switch gets three enticing releases along with a demo, while...

  • Nintendo Download 6th April (Europe)

    LEGO City Undercover! Graceful Explosion Machine! Yo-kai Watch 2! More!

    The Download Update is here for another week in Europe; the formal press release was slow to roll out (again), so we teamed up with the ever-generous Daan Koopman and NL user KJ85. There are some highly promising releases on the Switch, while the 3DS and Wii U aren't left behind...

  • Nintendo Download 6th April (North America)

    Graceful Explosion Machine! LEGO City: Undercover! Animal Gods! More!

    It's Nintendo Download Update time, dear readers, and the North American line-up includes three download-only options on the Switch along with a retail release and demo. The Wii U is quite well served too, including two Virtual Console release, while the 3DS also has a couple of...

  • News The Fall Part 2: Unbound is Confirmed for Nintendo Switch But Isn't Coming to Wii U

    A new story trailer sets the scene

    The Fall was an intriguing title on Wii U, overcoming some flaws thanks to its creativity and spin on sci-fi storytelling tropes. It was good news, then, when developer Over The Moon confirmed that the sequel - The Fall Part 2: Unbound - would still come to Wii U in 2017. Unfortunately that version is no longer on...

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    Review Vaccine

    Repetitive Evil

    The original Resident Evil was primarily responsible for creating the term "survival horror", and although for a while it seemed like Capcom had forgotten its roots there's no denying that the company created something incredible. It's no surprise, then, that other companies tried their hand at survival horror games too - Konami...





  • Nintendo Download 29th December (Europe)

    Happy New Year Sales! Videos! Erm... more discounts!

    For most it's still a Holiday period, which might explain the rather quirky distribution of Nintendo Download Update details for Europe. There's been no UK press release that we can see, but the ever-generous Daan Koopman has sent us a press release from Nintendo's Dutch subsidiary. The offering...

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    Review Back to Bed

    Would you prefer to walk off a ledge?

    Sleepwalking can be dangerous. It can result in people exiting their homes in the middle of the night and falling off a ledge. Back to Bed by Bedtime Digital Games plays on such fears by introducing us to Bob the sleepwalker and his subconscious guardian named Subob - a four legged creature that must guide him...

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    Review Swap Fire

    Halt and swap fire

    It's an exciting time in the games industry. There are AAA games from big publishers, mid-tier downloadable games and even tiny indie experiences, all of which have the potential to be memorable, interesting experiences. Midnight Status has the makings of one such experience in Swap Fire, a first person shooter with an interesting...

  • Feature 30 Essential Wii U eShop Games

    Because it's cold outside

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful. And since we've got no place to go, Let it download, let it download, let it download. (Tsk, must do better, Ed.) So yeah, we're too much into the festive spirit to really make that opening 'bit' work, but in any case we thought the timing was good for...

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    Review Soul Axiom

    It's got soul, man

    Soul Axiom is a spiritual successor to Master Reboot, a rather decent and interesting Wii U eShop title from Wales Interactive. They're not directly tied together, but thematic and stylistic crossovers deliberately nudge and wink at those with experience of the previous release, while Soul Axiom also goes its own way. Ultimately,...

  • News Toby: The Secret Mine is Digging Its Way to Wii U in Early 2017

    Headup Games steps in with publishing

    Headup Games is a publisher that made its Nintendo debut in this Wii U generation with the rather smart Typoman. The company is a prolific publisher on various platforms, and in pleasing news one of its closest new releases will also be coming to Nintendo's system. The work of Lukáš Navrátil, Toby: The...