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    Review Human Resource Machine

    Conundrums for coders

    If you thought Human Resource Machine would be about a robot who hires and fires people, nobody would blame you, but you'd be wrong. Instead, you're put in the shoes of a drone at a mega corporation, helping to sort their mail using the unlikeliest of methods: computer programming. Human Resource Machine features a single...

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    Review Ascent of Kings

    A quick burst of old-school adventure platforming

    Although Ascent of Kings, developed by Nostatic Software, has been available for a few years on other platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Xbox Live), it has only recently graced the Nintendo Wii U. It's built as a side-scrolling adventure-platformer (in the vein of Metroid or Castlevania) and...

  • News RCMADIAX Is Bringing Its Entire eShop Back Catalogue To Europe And Australia

    New IARC rating system to thank

    Indie studio RCMADIAX has revealed that it is bringing its entire back catalogue of titles to Europe and Australia. It would appear that the mooted adoption of the IARC (International Age Rating Coalition) system is to thank for this news, as RCMADIAX Michael Aschenbrenner boss hints in the official PR: Thanks to...

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    Review COLOR BOMBS

    Bombs away

    It can be disappointing to realize that you've just lost precious time that could've been spent in a better way. If you would like to avoid experiencing this feeling, we would recommend that you stay well away from COLOR BOMBS. This title is excessively simplistic in all ways, and while it may be available for dirt cheap you're getting...

  • Nintendo Download 29th October (North America)

    Human Resource Machine! Octodad! Harvest Moon! Spooky discounts! More!

    It's that time once again, North American gamers, to look at the download goodies on the way this week. There are a few tempting options on Wii U, a whole load of discounts and a high profile retail demo among other offerings. Let's get to it. Missed the European Download Update...

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    Review Slender: The Arrival

    Scared, lost, alone (and maybe annoyed)

    Slender: The Arrival is either going to wind you up so tight with tension that you'll feel like you'll implode from fear, or make you so angry that you split your entire game room in two. There's really little middle ground between the two. Why? Because a teleporting monster that can appear anywhere around you...

  • News Word Party Will Scramble Some Letters on Wii U Soon

    Word up, this could be fun

    Though Word Party isn't a title that'll necessarily spark huge excitement among all Wii U gamers, it certainly has an audience. After all, Lightwood Games has been releasing a range of word games on mobile and 3DS, no doubt pleasing some with each. This Wii U title is a little different in that it accommodates up to five...

  • Nintendo Download 29th October (Europe)

    Project Zero! Resi 4! Binding of Isaac! Freedom Planet! Much, much more!

    It's the start of another week, but Nintendo fans in Europe at least have the download update to cheer their spirits. This week's edition seems to be a bit of a doozy, in fairness, with a mix of in-demand titles across both Wii U and - notably - the New Nintendo 3DS / 3DS; on...

  • News Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is Creeping Up On the European eShop for Halloween

    Got somethin' that might interest ya'

    With Halloween creeping closer Nintendo is doing its bit, particularly through the eShop, to get us in the mood. It now turns out that 29th October will have a double whammy for Wii U owners in Europe - not only will Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water finally arrive, but Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition will also...

  • Video New Aperion Cyberstorm Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer 'Onslaught' Play

    Shoot all of the things

    Aperion Cyberstorm for the Wii U eShop now has a 2016 release, but it's certainly one to watch for fans of twin-stick shoot 'em up action. We recently went hands on in a survival mode and came away rather impressed, and it could certainly fill a gap in the Wii U library. Developer aPriori Digital has now released some fresh...

  • Nintendo Download 22nd October (North America)

    Legend of Zelda! Fatal Frame! Gunslugs 2! Slender! More!

    It's time for Nintendo Download Update goodness, North American gamers, and this week actually has quite a lot to offer. There are major 3DS retail games, a much anticipated Wii U title and an interesting range of download-only games on both systems. All told it could be - whisper it - a good...

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    Review Cutie Pets Pick Berries

    Mandeer is Indifferent

    Cutie Pets Pick Berries is a far more innocent game than its smouldering mandeer hunks might have you believe. Sure, they'll be up there posing on your tv screen the entire time you play the game, but this isn't anything like Bubble Bath Babes or Peek a Boo Poker - don't expect some sort of saucy, torrid forest affair. Just...

  • Video Wii U Version Of Slender: The Arrival Gets Its Own Terrifying Trailer

    Out this week in North America

    Cult indie horror release Slender: The Arrival creeps onto the Wii U eShop in North America this week, and to mark the occasion the Nintendo edition is getting its very own trailer, packed with jump-scares and spooky scenes. The sequel to Slender: The Eight Pages, The Arrival originally launched on PC in 2013 and...

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    Review VoxelMaker

    For display purposes only

    It's rather difficult to judge a game / app such as VoxelMaker. On one hand it features an extremely in-depth and detailed suite for making 3D models out of a large collection of blocks. On the other hand the overall experience feels limited due to its omissions of any sort of interactivity with the models that are created...

  • News Electronic Super Joy Will Aim to Make Wii U Owners Happy on 5th November

    Drop the beat

    Update: The developer has confirmed to us that this release date is for both North America and Europe, with pricing of $7.99 / €7.99 / £6.99. Original Article: Earlier this year Wii U owners in North America got to take on Electronic Super Joy: Groove City, which we quite liked in our review. Tight platforming and a tough...

  • News Nintendo Outlines Its 'Nindie' Plans for Indiecade

    Time to book into Hotel California

    This week Culver City, California will host Indiecade - the event's running from 23rd to 25th October and will be a celebration of download gaming in addition to giving small studios a chance to show off their work. With its 'Nindie' approach at the forefront Nintendo has confirmed the games for its own booth at...

  • News Cutie Pets Pick Berries Brings Provocative Mandeer Action to the Wii U eShop on 22nd October

    God help this game's Miiverse page

    Every once in a while, you come across something that's so utterly baffling that it becomes strangely enrapturing. Nowhere is this more evident than in Yazar Media Group's upcoming eShop release, Cutie Pets Pick Berries. What initially appears to be an innocent and fairly unexceptional puzzle game quickly takes a...

  • News Runbow Arrives In Australia & New Zealand This Week


    After quite a long delay linked to local classification troubles, Runbow is expected to arrive in both Australia and New Zealand later this week. The title is listed for release on the local Wii U eShop on 23rd October. The Toronto-based studio behind Runbow have also confirmed the date via Twitter: [tweet Users who participated in the...

  • News The Latest Patch For Splatoon Is Now Available To Download

    Plenty of improvements

    Nintendo's squid-shooter, Splatoon, is the Wii U game that just keeps on giving. As previously reported, a massive patch was expected to drop this week, adjusting many of the finer competitive aspects of the title. The good news is, Version 2.2.0 is now available to download. Expect a number of changes to game modes, stages...

  • News Nostatic Software's Ascent of Kings Makes Its Regal Wii U Entrance on 22nd October

    NA release, EU still TBD

    Nostatic Software has been rapidly making its mark on the Wii U, making the transition to the eShop with three quickfire releases from its catalogue of games. Both The Quiet Collection and Kung Fu FIGHT! earned recommendations from our reviewers, and we're still making our way through the pixel-based creation tool...

  • News International Age Rating Coalition System, IARC, Set to Come to the eShop "Very Soon"

    Could be a big deal in the Nindie scene

    It's common for eShop gamers in different territories to have differing game line-ups to choose from, with some titles taking a while to make their way around different regions. There are multiple factors such as localisation with languages, and the fact that Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of America operate...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Ninja Strike: Dangerous Dash

    These ninjas should stay hidden

    Ninja Strike: Dangerous Dash is a perfect example of what sounds like a great idea being held back by poor execution. Published by Natsume, Ninja Strike: Dangerous Dash is a formulaic endless runner; in it you initially take control of Blue Shadow, a blue-clad Ninja with a red scarf. The art style is simple but...

  • News Octodad: Dadliest Catch Gets A Revised Release Date

    You've got to be squidding me

    As you'll know if you're a keen follower of this site, indie title Octodad: Dadliest Catch recently got delayed on the Wii U, with technical issues being to blame. However, if the game's Wii U eShop page is to be believed, such problems have swiftly been overcome and the title is headed to the console on October 29th...

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    Wii U eShop / SNES

    Review The Ignition Factor

    A reality show about the lives of hot and steamy firefighters

    This is the scripted story of six strangers that are picked to become firefighters, work together and have their lives played by a total stranger with a controller. Find out what happens when they stop being polite... and realize their lives aren't real. There was a time in gaming...

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    Wii U eShop / NES

    Review Dig Dug II

    Dig in

    The original Dig Dug was fairly popular, so naturally a sequel had to follow eventually. Dig Dug II ended up being not nearly as widespread as its predecessor, only seeing release in arcades and on the NES, so you'd be forgiven for not even knowing it existed! Dig Dug II takes a massive departure from the first game. True to its title that...