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  • News YouTube And Crunchyroll On Wii U Won't Be Available For Much Longer

    Support will end later this year

    It's another nail in the coffin for the Wii U. Nintendo Everything reports that two video apps for the console — YouTube and Crunchyroll — will be ending support later this year. Anime subscription platform Crunchyroll will be discontinued on the Wii U from 29th August — with emails being sent out about the...

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  • News Yep, The Wii U Gets A New Game In July

    Ready to challenge retro Metroid titles in the charts

    SturmFront - The Mutant War: Übel Edition came out on Nintendo Switch earlier in Spring, but publisher Red Art Games and developer Andrade Games certainly got some attention by confirming there'd be a Wii U eShop release. It was originally planned for May, but after a delay it now has a final...