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  • Soapbox Game Reviews Always Need a Final Score

    Alex explains why it's all a numbers game

    The traditional notion of giving a game a score out of five, ten, or any amount is falling out of fashion with many outlets rapidly adopting more arbitrary systems for one reason or another. Personally I feel this is a step in the wrong direction, and a score based on a finite scale is paramount in promoting...

Sunday1st May 2016

Saturday30th Apr 2016

  • News Callie and Marie Join a New Splatoon amiibo Range on 8th July

    So fresh!

    Splatoon has been a major hit for Nintendo since it launched in May 2015, not just in sales numbers but also in terms of the IP's impact on popular culture. In Japan, particularly, Callie and Marie (the sisters who 'host' the game) have emerged as popular characters for their music and quirky characters. Nintendo's keen to celebrate that...

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  • News Splatoon's New Update Just Went Live

    Time to try out these remixed weapons

    In the latest Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that Splatoon would be receiving some more free DLC, albeit in a slightly different form than before. Some existent weapons – dubbed "Sheldon's Picks" – have been retooled with new secondaries and specials, giving them an entirely different feel. While this may...

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Monday21st Mar 2016

  • Random An Official Splatoon Lint Roller is a Thing You Can Own

    Keep your threads fresh!

    The world of Splatoon is populated almost entirely with cephalopods as far as we know. Although Judd may be the only furred creature left on the planet, any cat-owner knows he'll still find a way to get his hair over everything every squid in a 10-km radius owns. Do they even have, like, bones and stuff under all that fluff?...

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  • News Splatoon Updates to Continue Into 2016

    Contains balancing, tweaks, and weapon sets

    The hit multiplayer title Splatoon will be receiving some new updates throughout 2016. Beginning on March 8th, an update will address balancing issues regarding specific gear abilities. Some will recieve a buff making them stronger on the battlefield, while others a small nerf. Additionally, tweaks to...

Tuesday1st Mar 2016

  • News Enjoy the Madness of the CoroCoro Splatoon Manga For Free

    Admire the artwork online

    CoroCoro Magazine often has some handsome exclusives and details in Japan, the latest of which is a Splatoon manga series. The inky shooter has gone from strength to strength in less than a year on the market, rapidly becoming a popular franchise - with all the licensing and merchandise that can entail - for Nintendo...