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Thursday5th Nov 2015

  • News Splatoon's Next New Weapon is the Heavy Splatling Deco

    Look good while dispensing inky justice

    Splatoon continues to serve up new items on a weekly basis, with last week bringing two new weapons - the H-3 Nozzlenose D and the Luna Blaster Neo. We're down to one new weapon this week, but it's both glamorous and destructive, and therefore may be irresistible. Nintendo has confirmed that this week's new...

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Sunday25th Oct 2015

  • News Japan's Upcoming Splatfest is Between Love and Money

    Money can't buy me love

    Up to this point, Splatfests have generally been lighthearted affairs. Whether it be something like cats vs. dogs, Decepticons vs. Autobots, or pirates vs. ninjas; the competitions have been primarily set up to poll the masses for their favorites or opinions on popular subjects. Evidently, Japan has chosen that it's time to...

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  • Random Check Out These Awesome Splatoon Plushies from Japan

    So fresh

    Gaming paraphernalia can be a wonderful way to casually introduce elements of your favorite franchises into an environment. Be it an amiibo to be kept on a desk, a Yoshi plush toy to sit on your kitchen counter, or a replica of the Master Sword to be mounted over a fireplace; a simple object can act as a nice reminder of the things that...

Saturday10th Oct 2015

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Tuesday6th Oct 2015

  • News English Version of SplatNet Website for Splatoon Goes Live

    Keep track of gear, stages, rank, and friends with this handy site

    Splatoon is a game that can get fiercely competitive for those who are willing to put in the time and effort. Once you start getting into the upper limits of the Ranked Battle mode, you'll find that competitors wear very particular gear with very particular stats. Surprisingly...

Saturday3rd Oct 2015

Wednesday30th Sep 2015

  • News Splatoon 'Octoling' Modder Could Cause Save Data Problems

    Wrapping their tentacles around your game

    Throughout the Summer there have been efforts in data mining and adding skins to Splatoon, notably with 'playable Octolings' based on messing around with in-game data and settings. It seems, though, that more players beyond the original hacker are starting to manipulate data in Splatoon to play as Octolings...

Tuesday29th Sep 2015

Wednesday23rd Sep 2015

  • Event Splatoon EGX Team Championships 2015

    This Thursday through Sunday at EGX 2015

    The UK's biggest games event EGX kicks off tomorrow and as usual Nintendo Life will be on the Nintendo UK stand running special tournaments throughout the four days. Two years ago we hosted the StreetPass Zone and held 3DS-focused competitions, while last year it was the UK Mario Kart 8

Thursday17th Sep 2015

  • News Splatoon's Hammerhead Bridge Map Opens For Business Tomorrow

    A bridge over troubled ink

    Nintendo has confirmed via its Japanese Twitter account that the Hammerhead Bridge map will go live tomorrow. Hammerhead Bridge appears to be a narrow but long stage with an upper path made up of several platforms connected by mesh bridges, and a lower path which seems to be wider than the upper path and lacking in mesh...

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