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  • Random Check Out This Japanese Guide to Classic LCD Games

    Yes, that includes Game & Watch

    There are lots of gamers out there who seem to love physical media. Whenever a digital-only game gets a sudden print run on card or disc, people go crazy! Also, plenty of gamers love books - especially books on games. There have been countless tomes released over the last few years; practically every topic has been...

  • News Resident Evil Nearly Got its Start on the SNES


    Resident Evil is arguably the most prominent horror franchise in existence, spanning several consoles over a few generations, starting on the PlayStation. Though the series has taken some very different directions with all its spin-offs and sequels, the original still stands as a classic that is revered by many, even if it hasn’t aged all...

  • Random Check Out Tobu Tobu Girl, a New Game Boy Release

    There's even a physical edition

    Above is a teaser trailer from last year for Tobu Tobu Girl by Tangram Games, a game in which you try to continually go higher by bouncing off enemies and flapping your arms. It's pretty darn charming, and it's out now. Yep, it's a freshly released Game Boy title, which can be downloaded for free via its official...

  • Random An In-Depth Look at Kato-chan & Ken-chan, Another Strange Classic Game From Japan

    They’re still kicking

    Time again for a look back at some retro gaming! There was a TurboGrafx-16 game that graced the Wii Virtual Console back in 2007 called J.J. & Jeff. That game was originally known as Kato-chan & Ken-chan, and was quite well-known back in Japan. The game was changed in a few key areas when brought to the West - namely...