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  • News Pokémon Art Experience Is Coming To Manchester Next Month (UK)

    Smeargle would be happy

    The Pokémon Company has revealed that it will be taking over the Trafford Centre in Manchester next month! From 17th October to 13th November — just five days before Pokémon Scarlet & Violet's release — 'Pokémon Art Through the Ages' will let kids (and adults) learn about different art techniques. During the...

Friday23rd Sep 2022

Thursday22nd Sep 2022

  • News Ed Sheeran Is Releasing A Pokémon Themed Song Called 'Celestial'

    Shape of Staryu

    The hugely popular singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has announced that he will be collaborating with Pokémon on a new song called 'Celestial', releasing very soon on September 29th. The song marks another partnership between Sheeran and The Pokémon Company, who joined forces last year on Pokémon GO to perform a very special in-game...

Wednesday21st Sep 2022

  • Random Explore A Pokémon Overworld Created By Neural Network

    Or, what Pokémon would look like if Ditto copied it

    Ever wondered how a Pokémon game might turn out if it were created using a neural network? No, we can't say we have, either. But, we kind of have answer thanks to Ollin Boer Bohan, a Deep Learning Scientist at NVIDIA, who has created a playable Pokémon overworld using a neural network. Spoilers:...

  • Random The Pokémon Company Has No Issues With Nuzlocke Runs

    Update: Another official statement has been made

    Update [Wed 21st Sep, 2022 10:26 BST]: In a statement mimicking its response to Joe Merrick, The Pokémon Company has doubled down on its stance regarding Nuzlocke runs, stating to Eurogamer that "The Pokémon Company International does not have any issues with fans or creators playing the video games...

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