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  • News There's A New Pokétoon Short, And It's Bloody Gorgeous

    Starring the underrated Nidoran♂

    You may remember Pokétoon from this exact time last year, when Scraggy and Mimikkyu appeared in 1930s rubber hose style, reminiscent of the early Disney cartoons (and Cuphead, of course). You may have also worried that we'd never see another one... but Pokétoon is back, baby! The newest Pokétoon is made by...

  • News The Pokémon Company Sold A Staggering 3.7 Billion Pokémon Cards Last Year

    A huge year-on-year increase

    The Pokémon Company has revealed that it sold an absolutely mind-blowing 3.7 billion Pokémon cards during the fiscal year 2020-2021. As reported by Serebii's Joe Merrick, the figure takes the total number of Pokémon cards sold worldwide to 34.1 billion, and also means that 10.8% of all-time TCG sales came during that...

  • News Pikachu Is Now On The Menu At McDonald's Restaurants In Japan

    That's one way to celebrate 25 years

    If you love Pikachu, then you would probably love the latest promotion announced for McDonald's restaurants in Japan. As of next week, the fast-food giant will be offering "limited-time" Pikachu-themed sweets and Happy Meal Toys. According to 4Gamer (via Nintendo Enthusiast), there'll be a "Fruits-chu" trio of...

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  • Random What If The Resident Evil 8 Bosses Were Pokémon's Elite Four?

    Step aside, Lance. There's a new Dragon Trainer in town

    Resident Evil Village, the eighth main title in the classic horror-survival series, is an absolute gem. Unfortunately, it's not currently on Nintendo platforms... but we can imagine that it is, thanks to the excellent artistic work of ΛΛoth, AKA @LatterBug on Twitter. The pitch of "Resident...

Saturday22nd May 2021

  • News Pokémon Trading Card Scalpers Are Causing Some Ugly Scenes Right Now

    Oh dear...

    Earlier in May, Target stores located in America temporarily suspended sales of various trading cards including Pokémon ones. It was already fairly obvious tensions were high when a 35-year-old man was assaulted in a Target parking lot for his own purchase of some sports trading cards, and now video footage has emerged of adults...

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