During Nintendo's Direct showcase last month, Capcom surprised fans of fighting games with the announcement of Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics.

Ahead of its arrival at some point later this year, Marvel Games Product Development Manager Laura Hathaway has discussed this collaboration on the company's official podcast - mentioning how the objective was to "surprise and hopefully delight" fans. Here's part of what she had to say (via EventHubs):

Marvel: "We're always looking for ways to really surprise and hopefully delight our fans. The idea of bringing these games back was always really, really exciting to us, so we're glad to finally be able to announce it."

Hathaway went on to mention how this game will still hit fans "right in the nostalgia" with cool features like gallery and sound archives, while also modernising each game's systems and making sure the collection is fun to play on current generation hardware.

This follows Capcom also confirming a physical version of this collection will be released on the Switch and PlayStation. This will include seven titles, which you can see in action in the trailer above, or learn more about in the original announcement post:

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[source marvel.com, via eventhubs.com]