If you're a toy car fan who didn't get your fill from the two (rather good) Hot Wheels games currently on Switch, we've got good news: Matchbox Driving Adventures is pulling up on Switch on 20th September.

However, the premise of this one is a little different, as it's not just a straight racer. This spin on Mattel's die-cast vehicle line has a Competition Mode, which delivers your standard races (with local split-screen multiplayer for up to four people), but also Adventure Mode, which lets you explore six environments in a more sandbox, playroom-style.

The press release boasts "over ten cars and trucks" to unlock, which doesn't knock our socks off, but they're all customisable and you'll need to choose specific vehicles to perform specific tasks in Adventure Mode.

Casual Brothers (The Grinch: Christmas Adventures) is developing this one, with Outright Games (pretty much all the big-licence, kid-friendly games) publishing. It's coming to all platforms and you can check out the reveal trailer above to get an idea of what it'll offer, but here are the beats from the press release:

Race against the clock to help citizens, complete deliveries, chase down runaway cars, and tackle exciting rescue missions. Dash through the City Center, then breeze past the Beach. Enjoy views from the Mountains or beat the cold in the Arctic. Take on the heat in the Jungle and avoid eruptions in the Volcano.

Perfect for newcomers and longtime enthusiasts of the brand, Matchbox Driving Adventures offers a dynamic and captivating experience that honors the storied legacy of Matchbox, giving players the ability to:
1. Customize and race 12 original Matchbox vehicles
2. Explore six unique environments and race across 14 different tracks plus variations
3. Explore and complete over 30 quests in Adventure Mode
4. Compete with up to four players in local multiplayer in Competition Mode

Looking a little empty, perhaps. Maybe we're just suckers for toy cars and toybox cities (which reminds us — we must play some LEGO City: Undercover this weekend), but it could have potential.

There's no word on cost at the moment, although you'd imagine this is aiming to be a reasonably priced stocking filler rather than a full-blown AAA sandbox driving experience. We'll have to wait and see later in the year.

Like the sound of some throw-around Matchbox fun on your Switch? Think this will be able to compete with the Hot Wheels and LEGO 2K Drives of the world? Wondering where the heck Micro Machines got to? Let us know below.