Shovel Knight
Image: Nintendo

Yacht Club Games held its special 10th anniversary celebrations for Shovel Knight earlier on, and to go out with a bang it shared a big surprise - revealing a new game in this series is currently in development. It's not just another sequel or spin-off, either - it's a "new mainline" game described as the next big "bold new adventure".

The team behind Shovel Knight says it's "committed to crafting an experience that not only honors the Shovel Knight legacy but also pioneers groundbreaking, innovative gameplay mechanics". What's even more exciting about this is it will apparently launch Shovel Knight into an "entirely new dimension of gaming"...could we finally see a 3D release or maybe some other generational leap? Noticeably, the logo in the brief video teaser below seems to be an object with dimensions (aka 3D):

Adding to this exciting announcement was a teaser that there are apparently some hints strewn throughout Yacht Club's previous Shovel Knight games (Shovel Knight Dig, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove) that potentially teased what might be next for the now iconic video game character.

If you're not familiar with the Shovel Knight series, as highlighted here - the character made his original debut 10 years ago... in (you guessed it) Shovel Knight, a 2D side-scroller comparable to slightly more challenging platformers like the Mega Man series and even Castlevania. The same original game led to multiple DLC campaigns and has also spawned multiple spin-offs over the years. Shovel Knight has even been featured as a guest in many other games!

How are you feeling about about this news? Looking forward to a "bold new adventure" from the famous shovel-wielding knight? Let us know in the comments and be sure to vote in those polls below!!

Are you excited about a new mainline Shovel Knight game? (559 votes)

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What do you think of Shovel Knight? (490 votes)

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