Ayaneo Flip DS
Image: Ayaneo

Tech company Ayaneo is pumping out more hardware iterations than we can possibly keep up with, but its latest effort is of particular interest thanks to its remarkable resemblance to Nintendo's own DS line.

Yes, the Ayaneo Flip DS is on its way (thanks, The Verge) and boasts a 7-inch 120Hz display screen with an additional screen housed in that classic clamshell design popularised by the Nintendo DS. A second iteration has also been announced called the Ayaneo Flip KB, only this one sports a rather finicky keyboard in place of the second screen.

Both will be powered by AMD’s Ryzen 7 7840U clip that's currently the go-to option for many Windows-based handheld systems, but what's particularly intriguing about this device is its ability to emulate DS games properly. Will the bottom screen even be touch-sensitive? Probably, but for now, we'll have to wait for more information from Ayaneo itself.

Ayaneo Flip DS / KB
Image: Ayaneo

We'll be honest, there's a lot we like about this thing - the upper screen looks like it could be a visual treat - but we're not overly keen on the bottom half. The aesthetic is giving us 'USCSS Nostromo' vibes, but not in a good way. That bottom screen could do with being a touch larger, too.

What do you make of the Ayaneo Flip DS and KB? Would you pick one up if it allowed for proper DS emulation? Let us know.

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