In something we didn't think we'd be writing today, everyone thinks Ganondorf in the new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer is pretty smoking hot. VG247 brought this to our attention, and now it's our job to share this revelation with you.

If you haven't watched the final pre-launch trailer yet, then you might be a little bit confused. Before today, we've only seen the Demon King as a rather "unhydrated", bone-y looking being. But as of today, we've seen him in the flesh — literally.

Shortly after that trailer drop, Nintendo of Europe decided it would be a great idea to share some artwork of the rather muscular villain on Twitter. And it's safe to say, people are very interested in Ganondorf's new look. Sporting some huge pecs and bulky arms, it looks like Ganondorf has been working out in recent years. He's also got a man bun and a pretty fabulous ponytail. It's a bold new look for Link's nemesis.

His new design has certainly caught people's eyes, and Nintendo of Europe's replies have been flooded by new admirers of the Demon King:

We do have a bit of a question for Nintendo off of the back of this new artwork, however. What is it with buff chests in Tears of the Kingdom?

We're of course referring to that artwork of Link that Nintendo released back in February, where the hero of Hyrule is sporting a much-more dishevelled look with a rather exposed chest, similar to Ganondorf. There wasn't quite the outpouring of thirst and admiration at the time, but Nintendo has obviously realised that the fans want more, and it has delivered with Ganondorf.

Phew, we need a bit of a cool-down here at NL Towers after that. Let us know what you think of Ganondorf's new look in the comments below — and remember, keep it clean and safe.

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